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Dog Food (Isegrim)

Isegrim is a full-nutrition dog food containing the best nature has to offer, in a combination inspired by the lifeway’s of the wolf – a high proportion of fresh meat, lots of vegetables, plus berries and wild herbs. Combining high quality ingredients with invigorating nutrients, plus vitamins and oils that are the perfect balance for a dog’s metabolism and immune systems. 

The quality ingredients in Isegrim underscore the natural feeding that dogs love, a food concept that takes dogs back to their roots and is attuned to the instincts of their forebearers For an active, species-appropriate life.

Isegrim (Wet Food)

Junior River Salmon with Millet, Blueberries & Wild Herbs

Adult Prairie Goose with Sweet Potato, Rose Hips & Wild Herbs

Adult Prairie Duck with Parsnip, Sea Buckthorn Berries & Wild Herbs

Adult River Salmon with Millet, Blueberries & Wild Herbs

Adult River Trout with Parsnip, Cranberries & Wild Herbs

Isegrim (Dry Food)

Junior River Salmon with Berries & Wild Herbs

Adult Green Hills Duck with Berries & Wild Herbs

Adult Steppe Lamb with Berries & Wild Herbs

Adult River Salmon with Berries & Wild Herbs

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