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Lila Loves It

Established in 2013, LILA LOVES IT combines the power of natural ingredients innovative medicine and high technology. Because of this, both the tolerability and effectiveness of their products for dogs are top notch. Through effective research and development, LILA LOVES IT produces high quality animal care products that are suitable for all breeds of dog.

First Aid Ointment

Eye Care

Anti-Tangling Spray

Pillow Spray Calming

Liladent Dental Care


Micro Silverspray

Anti-Tique Spray


Intense Silky & Shine

First Aid Box

Ear Gel

Anti-Tique Ambiance



Beauty Bag

Ear Cleanser

Paw Care


Shine & Comb

Dental Micro Fleece


There are many ingredients that actively enhance the healing of wounds. Each ingredient on its own can have positive effects, but the focused combination of these different substances synergistically increases their healing capabilities.


LILA LOVES IT manufactures all of their products adhering to the same standards as cosmetic products produced for humans and disclose the origin and composition of their ingredients on their packaging.


Animal Protection

LILA LOVES IT does not support animal testing. All of the pH-independent products have been successfully tested on humans.


Social Responsibility

LILA LOVES IT is committed to the CSR-Prädikates des BWA (Federal Association for Economic Development and Foreign Trade). Corporate Social Responsibility means as a company and all its functions, submitting to a code of conduct.

Environmental Protection


LILA LOVES IT values the concept of Fair Trade and ensures the fair payment of their suppliers and partners accordingly. All of their products are based on sustainably grown raw materials to preserve the resources of our environment. The natural ingredients are grown organically.

Quality Guarantee

LILA LOVES IT ensures that their products are manufactured to the highest standards, which are the regulations used for cosmetics intended for human use. To meet the standards of effective and gentle dog care, LILA LOVES IT conductstheir research, development and production of their high quality products in cleanroom laboratory conditions under the constant watch of a pharmacist. This technical diligence is combined with the use of ultrapure water, which is also chemical-free. Through the process of steam distillation, high quality organic essential oils are able to be obtained. The hyaluronic acid used is highly purified and free from any allergy-causing ingredients.

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