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Cat Food (nuevo)

Quality and freshness is always our top priority!

The secret of nuevo is it’s high content of fresh muscle meat and top quality offal like liver and hearts, which choosy cats will love! Cats are carnivores – which is why our recipes have a meat content up to 72%. High quality proteins from fresh meats combined with salmon oil bring your cat the energy they need and provide the right amount of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids for a healthy skin and a shiny coat. All ingredients used in nuevo are human food grade and enriched with high performance nutrients. The minerals and vitamin content of nuevo food is optimally adapted to the needs of your cat, providing everything for a solid bone structure and the wellness of metabolic functions.

​nuevo Sachet

Kitten Poultry & Rice

Adult Beef & Chicken

Adult Chicken & Rabbit

Adult Chicken & Duck

Adult Chicken & Salmon

Light Chicken & Rice

Sterilized Chicken & Rice

Sensitive Turkey - Monoprotein

Senior Poultry & Lamb with Rice

​nuevo Can

Chicken with Rice & Salmon Oil



Chicken & Shrimps


Lamb with Cranberries

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