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Waterproof Collars


- The Waterproof series is presented in 7 bright colours

- Menthol colour glows in the dark!

- Unique metal buckle could be fastened and unfastened in one motion

- Each collar covers 3 sizes

- A pleasant polymer cover is easy to wash (can not be damaged by water)

- Area for engraving


New WAUDOG collars and leashes are made from innovative COLLARTEX material developed by COLLAR. The main advantages of this material are durability, softness and water resistance. Due to the combination with high quality and stylish hardware, made in titanium grey colour, the leashes and collars of the new series have really unique characteristics.

COLLARTEX: Innovative material consisting of an inner reinforcing layer, bearing the main load, and an external polymer cover with a unique soft touch texture, preventing slipping. COLLARTEX can not be damaged by water. It is easy to wash.

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